Thanks To You!

We Ran A Successful Kickstarter Campaign!

Thanks to YOU- we are able to make this film a reality.

Where Is The Money Going?

First and foremost- we donated 10% of the funds we raised to Redlands Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project.  A $500 donation!

The Kickstarter funds covered costs for the trip to South Florida to film (6/25/18 to 6/30/18).  We were able to make a few necessary equipment rentals, and we have a budget for social media marketing.  As we progress, we hope to have funds for promotional materials, and we are definitely going to be entering film festivals which typically have an entry fee.  There is room in the budget left for an additional trip to wrap up loose ends in early 2019, and we expect the film to be complete by mid 2019.

Please Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

Thank You!