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Domestic dogs are not wild animals, but a homeless dog population in South Florida is garnering mixed reactions.  To some, it is a normal sight.  To others, it is making living in the area almost unbearable.  Even other states are getting involved to rescue these dogs as there is not enough local support.  Dogs are being dumped daily, and the problem is only getting worse despite opposing claims.  While animal services says that stray dog calls have gone down over the past few years and it is no more of a problem than anywhere else in the United States, this information is not in line with the numbers.  Redlands Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project says that they feed over one hundred dogs a day around the area and are finding new dumped dogs weekly if not daily. (

Illegal dumping of all kinds is occurring.  Everyone becomes threatened by humans who dump their belongings with a disregard to the life it disrupts and the planet it is harming.  The dogs and the garbage go hand in hand with this issue that touches all aspects of human life.  Our environment, our culture and society, everything becomes threatened where there is such a negligence towards life and our home planet. 


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"When you think about dogs living in the wild, you think of wild dogs.  These are not wild dogs, they’re dogs living in a wild situation"

— Rick Chaboudy, Suncoast Animal League

Quote Source Article by Natalia Lima

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First and foremost- we donated 10% of the funds we raised to Redlands Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project.  A $500 donation!

The Kickstarter funds covered costs for the trip to South Florida to film (6/25/18 to 6/30/18).  We were able to make a few necessary equipment rentals, and we have a budget for social media marketing.  As we progress, we hope to have funds for promotional materials, and we are definitely going to be entering film festivals which typically have an entry fee.  There is room in the budget left for an additional trip to wrap up loose ends in early 2019, and we expect the film to be complete by mid 2019.

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